DVP TECHNOLOGIES is proud to welcome Thinaer to our growing list of technology suppliers and our first comprehensive IoT platform solution.  


Thinaer offers proprietary technology, advanced analytics, strategy consulting, and a change management approach to help enterprise clients solve complex challenges and capture new opportunities along their digital transformation journeys.  Thinaer aggregates IoT data generated by an organization’s assets and real-time feedback from its key stakeholders to present a dynamic and analytical view of the organization.  


Thinaer’s platform is based on BLE technology which offers limitless versatility and is more cost-effective and easier to implement than RFID systems.  Beacons collect millions of data points per second to monitor asset location, vibration, movement, particle counts, and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, all in a highly secure environment.  Real-time feedback from all corners of an organization allows Thinaer to employ analytics techniques to drive impactful process optimization, improved efficiency, and cultural alignment.

Watch Thinaer’s Product Demonstration Video and contact us for a discussion:

Thinaer has had tremendous success across four industry verticals: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Financial Services. All industries are served by Thinaer’s advanced analytics evaluating each client’s unique data to inform strategic recommendations, implementation considerations, and change management. Below are some isometrics detailing the benefits of Thinaer’s IoT platform in each industry:


Real-Time Locationing

Predictive Repairing

Process Optimization


Operating Room Efficiency and Compliance

Infection Control

Remote Patient Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

Patient Experience



Stage-Gate & Product Innovation

Sales Performance


Client Relationships

Culture Alignment

Call Center Optimization